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Funny fail pics: Sailing failure

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fail pics sailing failure

The sailors went down with the ship.

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Ormie the Pig


Funny fail pics: Volvo Damaged But Repairable (WTF)

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I have a silver volvo v50 for sale, it has been in an accident… It will NEED A NEW WINDSCREEN AND AIRBAGS, can be repaired, very lovely car…

WTF – a windscreen and air bags.. aren’t you forgetting something?? Oh thats right basically the whole front of the car is smashed off so you will be needing ┬áthat too.

Rambo the cat vs Beer box

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Funny Video: The Jamaican Homophobe


This could be the best Funny YouTube video of all time!

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Epic Roid Rage?

Funny Cat Video: Rambo the cat

Funny Video: Webcam 101 for seniors

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Funny video: DON’T SLEEP at the Comedy Show

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Funny Video: Extreme Breakdancing