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The attack of the “serial toilet bomber” – funniest formal letter of all time

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lolcaption funny formal letter strata council letter serial toilet bomber

There is a serial “toilet bomber” on the loose! This has got to be one of the funniest formal letters we have ever seen.

“that toilet will now be monitored” – are they going to install a camera? haha too funny.

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Dude can you move your house it’s on my car

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house on top of car epic fail disaster

Alone in the dark

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Weird fat guy WTF moment

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Car yard epic fail

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Hail damage is a bitch. Especially when the hail is the size of golf balls.

What happens when you don’t return your books on time

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Librarian chucks a psycho!

My boat is underwater..wait it’s my car

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The ‘*’ is important in advertising

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24/7 Advertising Fail

What happens when you crash a Toyota Echo/Yaris

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Dog owners rejoice

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You now know that you’re not the most fucked in the head dog owner on earth. The owner of these dogs is.