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Programming gets you laid!

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programming gets you laid funny fail pics

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BBQ transport epic fail

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bbq transport epic fail funny fail pics

This pilot’s got some serious skills

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And balls.

Maxi Fail

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maxi fail wtf washing maxi pads

What the fuck!

Mothers Day Fail

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mothers day fail

Transformers epic fail

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Somali Pirates Storm French Warship – Oops wrong ship

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Ban this thing from McDonalds

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If your so fat you have to go to McDonald’s in a fkn motorized wheelchair then it’s time to stop going to McDonald’s!

Dude can you move your house it’s on my car

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house on top of car epic fail disaster

Dog owners rejoice

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You now know that you’re not the most fucked in the head dog owner on earth. The owner of these dogs is.