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Funny short videos: Funny wedding video

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 funny pictures with funny captions and epic fail pics 

funny short video: policeman runs over wheelchair

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LOLcaption Top Tip: How to act at your next performance review

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Act like this at your next Work Performance Review and you are destined to get a promotion and a raise! LIKE A BOSS

When PlayStation FIFA goal celebrations go wrong

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Are reality TV shows setting unrealisistc expections for Skanks?

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Top quotes: “These shows are basically teaching these skanks to believe I have to drink Jägermeister shots out of another skanks infected double pierced belly button or I’m not good enough”, “One day if they work really hard they can take a crap on the floor of a beautiful mansion”, “…Like Pumpkin did with New York called her a motherf@#$in’ whore”, “Trick Ass Bitches: An Illustrated History”, “Step off bitch.”, “What did you call me?”, “Now hold on, she called you a ho.”, “What you gone do about it? Step up.”, “She’s calling you out.”, “You don’t disrespect me.”, “You a ho.”, “You a ho, bitch.”, “You a HO.”

Funny Short Videos: How to ignore police like a BOSS

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Lucky the chute didn’t get tangled.

Funny cat video “my tired cat”

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Very funny cat video. Cat sitting on bed. via Wisniewg