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University epic fail: Disability awareness month

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funny fail pics university epic fail disability awareness month

Wonder who lost their job over this?

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Does your lunch need a gay twist?

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Shave Like A MAN

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CANDY CLUB – Candy Crush + Fight Club Parody

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What McDonalds food looks like after a few months

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Updated link: They keep taking this down.

Funny fail pics: All of you listen to mee

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funny fail pics all of you listen to mee dont disturb here i hate all of you

All of you listen to mee, dont disturb here, i will call the police catch you, don’t come to my bungalow house, understand, OK I hate all of you.

Google Street View proving the world sucks one photo at a time

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Lady Gaga’s new look

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Army Break-dancing School

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Guy Inside Snowman Prank

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