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Could this be the worst comedian of all time?

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The absolute WORST, most awkward attempt at stand-up EVER.

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Boy scooter’s into parked car. Ouch!

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What McDonalds food looks like after a few months

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Updated link: They keep taking this down.

Kung Fu Matrix Style

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Thanks to Pulpa for pointing out this isn’t actually Kung Fu and doing it in such a demotivational way:


Funny Youtube Video: Extreme Parking Skills!

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A guy manages to park his car in a garage with only 5 cm of total space at the side of the car. Incredible parking precision.

Awesome webcam music video “SOUR”

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There’s nothing funny about this one. It’s just awesome!

Funny Video: Epic Star Wars fail

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That armor is too strong for blasters… but wait.. what the!

Hitler does Grease

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Where does ice cream come from??

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The truth hurts.

Riding: you’re doing it wrong

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