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LOLcaption Top Tip: How to act at your next performance review

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Act like this at your next Work Performance Review and you are destined to get a promotion and a raise! LIKE A BOSS

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Funny Video: I’m on a BOAT

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One of the funniest music videos of all time.. so good that Kanye West is likely to jump out of your screen punch you in the face and scream “OF ALL TIME” then \O/ pose. This has 35,000,000+ views on YouNoob so far and if you haven’t seen it yet you fail at life.

Funny Short Videos: The EPIC dance battle

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Weird bass guitar guy

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Fred the raver

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A day made of glass

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I want everything in this video!

News presenter gets told he has a small penis on live TV

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Teen makes a death ray!

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How not to use a Swiss/Fit ball

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Martial Arts Epic Fail

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