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Wolf and Pig by Takeuchi Taijin

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Amazing stop motion video. Individual photographs are layered one by one to create the short film. Sorry about the wrong link earlier.

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Not the best idea on the way to a wedding

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Funny Video: How not to love your woman

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Funny Video: Baby scared by snoring

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I bet you wish you could be paid to do this

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Red bull pilot crashes plane into water

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“He never stalled, he performed a maneuver called a lomcevak, upon recovering it appears he misjudged his altitude and caught the water with his gear. Pilot error. Too bad, from the lomcevak maneuver it appeared he was one hell of a stunt pilot.” -CCWSig

Funny drunk guy amuses police

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Haha this guy must be so pissed. He makes no movement to break his fall.

The secret to every hit pop song ever made

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Funny Video: Golf is War

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New Lonely Island Video: BoOmBox

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