Kids this is what tripping on acid does to you!

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Boat trailers are no longer required

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funny fail pics lolcaption boat in car boot


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Your favorite songs will never be the same again

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Skinner listens to Dubstep for the first time

Ideas for roadside collection

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nothing really matress ideas for roadside collection

Demotivational: According to PETA you should respect animals but not women.


PETA Funny Demotivational Posters: Respect Animals, Not Women.

Diagram to explain what happens when Vin Diesel is in a movie

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what happens when vin diesel is in a movie

Imagine explaining this crash to your supervisor

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epic fail police crash Lamborghini pursuit car

Err sorry boss I wrecked a once-off half million dollar car because I was perving at some girl walking past.

Best parking fine dispute of all time

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