Funny Fail Photos: Lost my job today – Raft inflation gone wrong

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Ladies and gentleman in your seat pocket you will find a 78 person inflatable life raft.

Photoshop epic fail

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funny fail pics photoshop epic fail failblog

Look closely at the two faces… notice anything similar… yup that ain’t no granny.

Obama Sings to the Shawties

Sensodyne Parody

Funny Fail Pics: Lost my job today – crash landing

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Funny Demotivational Poster: Which bottle are you?

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Funny short videos: Most annoying video of all time

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Vote it, share it, piss your friends off because they wont be able to get the song out of their heads. Lord of the rings taking the Hobbits to Isengard.

Who thought trains could be so interesting

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Antimotivational Posters: Blondes, you can’t make them any smarter

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Funny demotivational poster: where will racial hatred end