A shotgun stopsign

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Funny Demotivational Poster: Which bottle are you?

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Funny fail pic: please wait children at work

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funny fail pics please wait children at work

It’s a good thing children are fixing the gas lines…

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Antimotivational Posters: Blondes, you can’t make them any smarter

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No hooking anytime!

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They take your vehicle away? That’s going to help? What if your not finished yet?

That’s one way to announce a sale

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Funny commercial shows butterfly effect

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Contestant Wins One Penny on Deal or No Deal

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Funny demotivational poster: where will racial hatred end


Funny fail pic: Torture Chamber Unsuitable

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funny fail pics Torture chamber unsuitable for wheelchair users

Funny fail pic torture chamber unsuitable for wheelchair users… wtf?

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