Antimotivational Posters: Blondes, you can’t make them any smarter

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Funny demotivational poster: where will racial hatred end


Funny Fail Pics: Lost My Job Today – Mining Truck

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Dude my load is bigger than yours.

Funny Short Videos: How to scare your friends in an aircraft

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The only 10hr video you could actually watch for 10hrs

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Epic Trollo makes you want to kill your family

RIP MR Trollolol

Funny Fail Pics: Lost My Job Today – Containers

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Lost my job today? Lost you job forever I think. Somehow standing there and looking at it makes it better.



This is a fine example of Chinglish translation on a box for a microfiber hair-drying cap. It saves me from the horror of  moisturd penetrating through my skull!

Funny Demotivational Pics: Worst Job Ever

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Funny Demotivational Poster: Priorities, everyone has them. Some make more sense..

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Priorities: everyone has them, Some make more sense than others.