Study: Kids who watch Porn expect Sex to be enjoyable!

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This is hilarious from the Onion Network: A new study has found children who watch porn are more likely to believe sex is exciting and fun.

Some great quotes: “And then they fall asleep with their hand in her vagina”, “there is no love in the world, only pain”, “The game doesn’t teach you the EMOTIONAL side to murdering whores”, “Shuttleworth institute report found that 98% of porn movies show actors having physically gratifying orgasms…. I’ve never experienced that in my entire life. They should always show the actresses being lied to”.

So this is what superhero’s do in their spare time?


Game of Fail


Don’t look out the right hand window


Good morning ladies and gentleman welcome to KLIA. Please ignore the disaster on your right hand side.

That ain’t the runway


Or the lake for that matter..

Glider pilots have all the fun


Want a RC Helicopter? Forget it. Get one of these!

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Funny youtube video: Guitar Hero… for Girls

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Subtlety isnt this girls strong point


Weird Emergency Parking


User Submission “This was at a hospital. Read the sign. Looks like a bike to me.”