Epic Fail Pics

epic fail picsEpic fail pics have been circulating over the internet for more than a decade now. Epic fail pics or epic fail photos are among the mostly shared and discussed contents on the internet including blogs, forums, social networks and social media. Prior to the social networking and social media era, epic fail pics used to be the primary contents of humorous emails and they used to be shared by all and sundry. Today, epic fail pics are no longer a rarity but an ingredient for your daily dose of humor, fun and laughter.

Epic fail pics or epic fail photos are any image, painting, photograph or video that depicts a failed incident, event or moment. Every man, woman, child, animal and the machines all around us are expected to do a certain task. There are certain accomplishments that are expected of everything around us and there are certain acts or results which are not expected. Whenever anyone or anything does something that is not expected or acceptable from the person or the thing, it is regarded as a fail or an epic fail.

The internet is flooded with epic fail pics. It is not hard to get epic fail photos but it is certainly hard to get a generous collection maintained in an organized manner. This is where LOL Caption comes in. We have been painstakingly putting together hundreds and thousands of epic fail pics. We have also been conscious about creating as well as obtaining funny fail pictures with captions. While a picture speaks a thousand words, at times when epic fail pics are accompanied by captions, the eventual result is hilarious. To make your experience more rib-tickling and mindboggling, we have an enormous inventory of funny fail pictures with captions.

stealth bomber epic fail pics lolcaptionYou would get all kinds of epic fail pics at LOL Caption. There are real life incidents involving the presidents, royalties, celebrities and the average Jack and Jill as well as animals, birds, machines, nature and cartoons. Some epic fail pics didn’t require us to do anything more than observe and recollect while some epic fail photos have called for a lot of rigor. Come explore the world of funny fail pictures with captions, without captions, with color, without color, real images and unreal images but one thing is guaranteed and that is you would get epic failures here.

Did we mention that it has been a painstaking experience for us to bring to you our collection of epic fail pics? It was very painstaking indeed. Rib-tickling can be very painful if there is no end to it.

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