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funny-short-videos-lolcaptionLOLCaption is one of the world’s largest hubs of funny short videos. Our encyclopedic collection of funny short videos would make you laugh so hard that you would start crying. Not because you are sad but because tears often roll down your eyes when you laugh too much.

Oh yes, laughing has becoming that much easier. You do not have to stay glued to prime time television or for late night shows to get your eyes on some weird, funny short videos that would be played incessantly without any control of yours and mired with advertisements which are far from what you wanted to watch in the first place.

At LOLCaption, you get to see funny short videos whenever you want, from wherever you want and you get to choose precisely which videos you wish to watch. Our collection has funny short videos of people failing, funny ads and commercials, comic videos, pranks, homemade videos, professional videos which were produced with one purpose but catered to another and many more.

Some of the greatest thinkers of all times have said and reiterated in different languages that a man becomes wise when he can laugh at himself. Well, that should apply to a woman too. But we are not here to laugh at ourselves. We are here to laugh at others, at others’ mistakes and at others’ cost. Many philosophers have said that success or failurelolcaption-funny-short-videos-babes be taken seriously. Well, we are simply interested in laughing at failures, whether or not anyone is concerned. The grave thoughts can have a field day on some other occasions. We intend to indulge in some fun.

LOLCaption is a site that is dedicated to all the humorists in the world. We are unabashed in our approach to laughter and we would do anything for a hearty laugh, albeit it has to be legal. Whether you want to find some funny YouTube videos or some funny short videos uploaded by members of our community exclusively at LOLCaption, there is much to be explored and at your own sweet laughing time.

LOLCaption is an active community where the only agenda is to have fun and if you want to have some fun then come right on and let us start exploring the wild cats, the dumb dogs, the weird kids and the crazy adults among much more.


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