22 thoughts on “What can a PC do that a Mac can’t?”

  1. I just want to point a few things out quickly.

    1) This picture asserts that all PC’s suck becuase they crash.
    In reality both PCs and Macs crash, i own both and there is very little difference in how often they crash, if anything my mac crashes more but is faster rebooting whereas my PC crashes less but takes longer to reboot.

    2) This is evidently a biased argument. There are lots of things PCs can do that a Mac can’t other than crash like this.

    3) Grow up, the Mac vs Pc thing grew stale a long time ago, just becuase you can’t handle someone being different from you doesnt mean you need to wave your overblown ego in their faces when you claim to have a better brand of computer. can you imagine what would happen if this sort of shit was done with other products? you would have women arguing with eachother in the street over which tampon is the best, or men beating each other up over their favourite brand of clothing.

    Swallow your pride.

    1. What a hot debate.

      I use a PC but this is still funny all the same. It does crash a lot but I haven’t seen the layered blue screen of death since the XP days.

    2. Nah, your point one is inaccurate. The picture is talking about how cool Windows crashes are relative to Macs (error box tiling), which is actually a pro-Windows stance. Good try, though.

  2. has mac played games not made by blizzard lately? or possibly allowed you to upgrade your hardware? want a computer that costs tons of money but gives very little, we’ve got an app for that! Iproducts, pillaging your wallets since april 1, 1977

    1. lol dude, so naive. i run windows 7 on my mac via a little thing called boot camp, its runs it native so i have the best graphics and video on both hard disks. nice try though with that. and also, WoW is for losers anyway.

  3. Just throwing in my two cents but I’ve had my iMac for 6 months and it has yet to crash. Unlike my hp laptop which tends to crash about twice, or more, a month. Can’t wait until I can get my mac laptop.

    But I agree with Splur, the debate is old and there are things one set of computers can do that another can’t. Just a fact of life and I lol’d hard when I pictured two women beating each other up over which tampon brand is better.

  4. I ran Windows Vista for well over a year. It crashed ONCE, due to a buggy game I was playing. Have been running Win 7 since release without a single crash. (running 24/7 rebooting maybe once a month or so to install updates) I build my own PCs with very good hardware. I work in IT servicing about 400 Dell desktops and about 30 laptops – they crash (BSOD, or hang) a lot more than I’d like to see, even though they have much less a workload than my personal workstation does. Good hardware and stable drivers make all the difference. Windows is rock solid when it’s not run on junk, and I think that is exactly why Apple has a reputation for better stability – they have absolute control over what goes into their boxes.

  5. This is why I use Ubuntu. It’s kind of like OS X except without everything that makes OS X an awful OS. It’s also better than windows, but I’m pretty sure that OS2/Warp is better than windows so that’s not saying much.

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