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Jedi’s find a way to fix the iPhone4 antenna issues

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Epic Parking

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funny fail pics parking epic lotus elise disabled=

Beware the pedestrians

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Crashing your car is no problem if you have sticky tape

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BP cleaning up spills across the world

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bp coffee spill fail funny photo

Another shop name epic fail

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The perfect way to hold the iPhone 4.0

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how to hold the new iphone 4.0 ihand

Transcend antenna issues with the new iHand 4.0

how to solve the iphone 4 antenna problems…

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how to solve the iphone 4 antenna problems

Get one of these!

Why surfing sucks

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What can’t you do with the new iPhone 4.0?

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what cant you do with the iphone 4

Hammer time should be the new ‘iphone song’